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Entry #37: Vicariously Living the Dream II

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When I first started this blog, there were a couple mentions of a writer-friend, Krystn, who gave me encouragement and pointers about how the business works. While I’m not one to take advice from anyone, I was still clueless about the industry and she had been through the regular channels (getting her MFA and attending workshops). At the time of our first meeting, she had an agent who recognized her talent but she was worried because she was working on a collection of short stories and short story collections generally don’t sell well.

Well, her book, Drifting House, has been published and is now on the shelves in the US and UK. Check it out. I guess you can find it at Barnes and Noble’s New Arrivals section.


The reviews are gushing, and watching her process from a distance, I can’t help but say I’m a bit envious. Also not prone to envy, I say this because she made it seem so easy, kind of the way that I still expect the process to happen for me. She didn’t have to query to find an agent who was enthusiastic about her potential, the major publishing houses went to battle in an auction for her work, and now she’s published and the critics are in love. She’s living the dream.

I’m happy for her (yet another thing that doesn’t come naturally to me) and do encourage you to go out and pick up her book. Her fairy tale story is not undeserved. It’s not luck. She can write. That’s why she had no problem finding an agent and the publishing houses and critics are crazy about her. Because she can write.

To be honest, I haven’t read much of her writing. Writers often don’t like to share and there was no real benefit for her to have me read for her. We did write together once, but we each worked on our own stuff for the most part. She bounced a couple of plot ideas off of me and I gave her some feedback but I don’t know if she actually used any of it or she was just being nice. (She’s also an unusually nice person.) I’ve only read a couple of excerpts she or critics have posted on the Internet. When the book comes out it Korea, I’ll probably make the trek to Kyobo to pick up a copy. I’ll write another post once that happens but who knows when that will be.

Congratulations, Krystn.


Written by Young

February 5, 2012 at 6:27 pm

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  1. Yes — congrats to Krystn! (And what an interesting spelling for her name.)

    Kevin Kim

    February 6, 2012 at 3:32 am

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