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Random #6: The First Tiny Oasis

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On “My Dashboard,” the administrator page for my WordPress blog, there is a small window which shows which search entries lead people here. Initially, the search entries were strange. “entry table.” “water please in korean.” “one two three korean vocalization.” They were just random re-directs to my site. Granted, I like to put random tags on my posts, but there were no re-directs for search terms like “prostitute,” “monkeys,” or “Wyoming.” Nevertheless, things have been turning up.

Two weeks ago, the top search was “all about being a korean army,” and last week, the top search turned up “korean military writer wordpress.” While there is a good chance that the last surfer was searching for my blog, it could have been a random happenstance. At this point in my life, I don’t take anything for granted.

However, the other day, I finally got a search that was unmistakenably for my blog, “holdenbeck from the korean army.”

This justifies the amount of time I spend on this blog, time spent in something I dislike doing (i.e., writing blog entries) taken away from something I want to do (i.e., work on my book). So it goes.

The title of this post in the random category is a reference to Entry #3, “Water, Please,” which I wrote after having no site visits aside from myself during my first month on WordPress. Another instance where art imitates reality, if you know what I mean.


Written by Young

June 1, 2010 at 9:11 pm

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